If you have come to this page, you may have been contacted my Monolith Comics as a Retail Book Store, Library, or Institution. By law Monolith Comics must provide you some means which will allow you to contact us easily to either Opt in to our products, or Opt out of our products so that you are not harassed in anyway. If you choose the Opt out option you will never be contacted by Monolith Comics again unless you contact us first.

Opt-out Option: Simply email the address below using the same email address at which you were contacted through by us and in the subject portion of the email just right your institution, store, or library’s name. It is that simple. You will never be contacted again.

Opt-in Option: If you would like more information about our graphic novels simply use this email address and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please use the same email that we contacted  you through and in the subject portion of the email just write your institution, store, or library’s name. You can also include any business telephone number that you wish to be contacted at.  We will respond as quickly as possible.