About the Artist

About The Artist


Theodore Raymond Riddle is the one man army behind the creation of  these graphic novels. He does the writing, drawing, and inking on everything. It is his goal in his lifetime to publish well over 100  graphic novels each having at least 44 pages in full color.

Theodore received his artistic training at the only cartooning school at the time in the late 80’s. He was a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. After graduating Joe Kubert took Theodore under his personal guidance to hone Mr. Riddle’s talent to the next level for several years. Theodore will always be grateful for that time spent with Mr. Kubert.

Mr. Riddle’s first work was seen in the early 90’s in magazines where he had creator own work published in several top magazine companies like Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Four Wheeler, and Computer Gaming World. Then when Marvel Comics had its bankruptcy in the mid 90’s Mr. Riddle lost all his freelance work over night. Comics were no longer the in thing.

Several years later and with an extremely supportive wife, Melissa Riddle, Theodore pursued true dream to start his own Comic Company. Which did and will continue to do.

Now Mr. Riddle is taking MonolithComics to the next level and having this books colored my a fantastic colorist Named Eli Jansen. Monolith Comics First 3 Issues will be reprinted in full color by March of 2018 and continuing from there Theodore will take over the coloring of the books .

Artist’s Quote

” If you have a dream in this world, do not let anything stop you from trying to reach it. There is no guarantee you will succeed, but you will already have failed if you don’t even try.”